So you want to know me?

Best way to get to know me is to IM or e-mail me. ^^ But here's a few tiny things.

Online Name: Timarelay

Age: Eighteen years old.

Gender: Female

Chinese Zodiac: Tiger

Star Sign: Libra

Sun Sign: Aquarius I think.

School: College! Finally. Crappy weather though =/

Personality: Odd-ish.

Likes: Gundam Wing(including, but not limited to, the actual anime, Endless Waltz, Blind Target, Ground Zero, and the fanfiction), Boy Meets Boy and much else by the same amazingly talented person, Pokemon(the games, the show, and mostly the fanfiction), Family, Friends, Stuffed Animals, Le Petit Prince, and the rest of the list would cover many movies, anime, cartoons, TV shows, books, online manga, printed manga, plays/musicals/broadways and tons of other stuff. (check my lists page for more details if you really want to know)

Dislikes: Other things. ^^;;;

Pets: Got those. Four dogs(Biko - doberman, Sheba - Doberman, Zita - Dalmation, Boris - Miniature Poodle), two horses(Tigger and Gracie ), and three parrots(Paulina - Grey Parrot, Pedro - Grey Parrot, Emerald - Jardine)

Family: Mother, father, three older brothers, and a whole bunch of others.

Contacts: E-mail is, AIM is Timarelay, ICQ is 45917975 I think, and MSN is

Message Boards I can be Found at: Bulbagarden Forums


Disclaimer: The nothingness here belongs to me. Do not steal it. Or I shall be forced to unleash the wrath of my many sharp metal friends and three overprotective older brothers on you. Have a nice day. :)