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Welcome to my website! This is probably the seventh or so place I have moved this website to, and I am in the process of doing much, much, much renovation. I'm deciding which fics get to make the move, and which stay hidden away because I wrote nearly all of them years ago and they mostly suck. A lot of my fanfiction is, I admit, pokemon ^^ But I've started writing more original stuff, and I might work my way into another fandom. I would write Gundam Wing, which is my favorite fandom fanfic-wise, but I don't feel worthy to write the characters. And there's so many good fics for that fandom out there anyway.

Before you go browsing around though, please note that some of the works here may be 'PG-13/Slightly R'. Which means violence, dark themes, or somehow sexual content. I also have soem shounen-ai and shoujo-ai. Fics that do contain m/m or f/f relationships are marked most of the time, but not always, so please don't flame me if you stumble across one and don't like it, because I'm warning you here. I write a considerable amount of stuff with at least slight shoujo-ai/shounen-ai hints, and I don't always rememeber to or feel the need to mark them.

A lot of the links are broken and it's just not very pretty around here, right now, but it will be!

Enjoy your stay!


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