Twisted Paths, Forgotten Pasts


In a dark, isolated forest, where the sun peeked in through leaves as if scared to show its smiling face, two sisters of a curious nature were meeting together as friends for quite possibly the last time in their lives.

"Its time..." A soft voice said. "I only hope all ends well."

"Dear sister, I shall miss your light voice, and your songs."

"And I shall miss your sorrowful voice, and your tragic stories... But who knows, maybe when it all ends, we may be friends again?" The first one who had spoken said, a wistful look crossing her blue eyes as she sadly turned her blonde head away from her sister.

"I doubt it..." The second said, turning her own blue eyes away.

The two had eyes of the same colour, yet they were completely different. The first had happy, light blue eyes that looked like a clear sky on a bright summer day. The second had dark, sad eyes, almost black instead of blue, like the darkest sapphire but without the shine. Another difference was that one was blonde, while the other had ebony black hair. They were both small, and appeared to be only around six years of age, yet if one watched them closely, they appeared to be older than the very dirt they stood on.

The blonde haired one, strangely enough, wore a dress she had fashioned out of flowers, vines, and grasses. Her sister, however, wore a simple black dress that she had sewn herself, with no designs, no patterns, nothing special whatsoever on it.

They each whispered something softly, their heads bowed and their hands clasped together, as if in prayer. When they were done, two pokémon had come into existence. For the first, a Growlithe, for the second, a Vulpix.

"These shall be our first chosen ones, correct?" The first asked.

"Correct. They shall be able to speak like us." The second, the darker one, replied.

The bright one nodded. "I name mine Jyp." She said, looking fondly at the growlithe and petting his head.

"And I name mine Chisa." The second said, looking at the Vulpix and gingerly picking it up.

"Well," The other replied, picking up the baby growlithe and once again turning her back to her sister. "Let the games begin! Time to choose our players..."

"Players makes it seem to much like a mere boardgame, make it 'our followers' or 'our team'. This is practically a war, not a childish squabble."

The first laughed, for she had always been the cheerful one. "Our followers then. Goodbye dear sister." She said as she disappeared in a shimmer of bright blue light with her growlithe.

"Goodbye..." The dark haired one whispered, holding Chisa tight, "Goodbye..." And casting her sorrowful eyes at the Vulpix in her arms, she too disappeared, but the shimmer of light that she went with her was a duller, sad version of her sister's own.

A little deeper into the woods, a third pair of blue eyes watched this meeting. This time, the eyes were such a pale blue that they were nearly white, like newly fallen snow. In the arms of this brown haired one were two newborn eevees, Janyin, and Reika. This third one sighed, for it had begun, and he had fervently had hoped it wouldn't happen... But it was inevitable. He disappeared with a flash of light the same colour as his watchful eyes.

And thus it had started. The three main sides were now established, but who was to win? There was no clear cut evil, no clear cut good, no neutral side. Everyone was right, yet everyone was wrong...


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