Twisted Paths, Forgotten Pasts

Chapter 14

Michi took out a calendar and put an 'X' on the current day. They'd been in Tevas for exactly thirty days now. She put the little calendar away in her bag and then looked at the two eevees who were watching over her. "Yes?"

"Nothing. We were just-"

"Wondering what you're doing."

"Jizo and Rezia sent you guys to baby-sit me, didn't they?" She asked, putting one hand on her tiny hip.

"To put it bluntly,"


The girl sighed, standing up and shoving her bag under her bed. They'd rented a small apartment considering they were going to be there for so long. It was a tight fit, with five people, and five pokemon, but they managed. As it was only eleven am, the others were all working. They had to make money somehow, after all.

"So, where do you guys want to go today?" The young girl asked, batting her eyes innocently.


"We're supposed to stay here."

"Please?" Pouting, she put on her best baby growlithe look.

The eevees looked up at her, then at each other, and sighed at the same time.


"But we are-"

"Going to stay-"

"Close to the-"


She grinned, bending down to kiss them each on the nose. Bouncing back up, she looked around the apartment. "Okay! Where are your leashes?"

"I don't know..." Janyin replied, at the same time that Reika said, "On the dresser."

"So you two don't always share the same thoughts..." Michi observed, picking up the leashes and snapping them on their collars. "Reika, a question from one female to another: should I leave my hair down, or tie it in a ponytail?"

"Leave it. You have beautiful hair Michi."

"Really?" The girl seemed genuinely surprised.

"Really. The same color as freshly fallen white snow.... Very beautiful." The eevee looked at her brother, who was rolling his eyes. "Fine, we'll go now."

"I'm so glad you see things my way sister."

Michi giggled, and then quickly scribbled a note just in case someone got back before her, and then walked out of the apartment with the eevees.

"So many-"

"stairs..." They panted together as they finally emerged from the apartment building.

"You're just out of shape, Michi teased.



"Are too."











"Too...Hey!" Reika stopped in her tracks, realizing Michi had tricked her into saying 'too'.

"Sorry Reika, I couldn't help it."


"Remember, you are one of the 'Children of Patience'."


Michi stooped down and then petted Reika. "Hey, wanna go to the pokemon store?"



She shrugged. "While we're out here we might as well look in some of the stores. It's a very nice town, isn't it?"

The eevees nodded, for the girl was right. Like the town they had first stopped in after they arrived in Ralaos, Tevas was very nice. It was not as grass pokemon centered as the first, but it certainly did have a lot of greenery, which meant the air was fresh and clean. Plus things like cars were rare, so the air was not polluted in the first place. People seemed to like bright colours too, as the whole town seemed like someone had haphazardly dumped buckets of bright paint all over. Michi had to admit though, sometimes the colours were a little too bright, and clashed horribly with each other, but compared to where she used to live, the brightness was refreshing. She was beginning to enjoy what they were doing, even though she knew that it was not all supposed to be fun and games.

"Reika, Janyin... Why is everything suddenly in black and white?" Michi asked, pausing from her observation and looking at the eevees. "My head hurts..."

"Black and white? Are you okay?"

"Michi, I think you should sit down."

The eevees tugged on their leashes, pulling the dazed girl over to a bench and coaxing her to sit.

"Thank you guys." She rubbed her temples. "That's never happened to me before... I've gotten visions while wide awake, but that..." She shivered suddenly, despite the fact that the temperature was very warm.

"Think we should-"

"Go find the others?"

"No! Let them work. I'll be fine."

The eevees looked at her with 'Oh really?' written all over their furry faces.

"I'm serious. I'll be..." She broke off, her hands holding her head tightly, and her eyes shut in pain. The eevees hopped onto the bench and looked up at her worriedly. "I sense...danger." She whispered finally, slowly opening her eyes. "Run!" She grabbed the two eevees and began to run down the streets.

"Michi, where-"

"Are we going?" They asked, trying to crane their necks around and see if they were being chased.

"I don't know where we're going!" She exclaimed. "But we need to run. Remember what happened to Kiajis?"

"Damnit!" They both exclaimed. "Faster Michi, faster!" Janyin urged. They couldn't die now. All three of them were needed, especially Michi. She definitely needed to make it to the last fight. As they turned a corner however, she bumped into someone and fell, thankfully not on the eevees.

"You okay?" A hand reached out to help her up, and she gratefully accepted. "What are you running from, kid?"

She dusted herself off, then looked up at her rescuer. Those green eyes, so familiar... Black hair, rather spiky, semi-bangs in front... Tall, lithe like a persian, though slightly heavier in build than Jizo, older too. Kind smile, seemingly happy eyes, but with sadness hidden behind the happy mask. "I'm fine." She finally replied, picking up the eevees' leashes and looking nervously over her shoulder. No one. "My name's Michi."

"I'm Jay."

The eevees, finally over the shock of what just had happened, took the time to observe the person Michi had bumper into. Jay? What was Jay doing in Ralaos? And where was Jyp? They tried to get Michi's attention.

"Vee! Eevee! Eevee!" Janyin hissed, nudging her leg with his head.

"Eee! Ee eevee!" Reika tried pulling on her leash, but Michi ignored them.

"So, what are you doing in Ralaos?" She asked, pointedly ignoring the eevees.

"Just touring around." He replied, his hands now in his pockets. Then he noticed the eevees, and his eyes widened. "You don't by any chance know... two twenty-one year olds named Rezia and Jizo, do you?"

She nodded. "I'm traveling with them." Her violet eyes narrowed slightly and she seemed to be examining him closely. "You're one of the 'Children of Joy' aren't you?" She looked around. "Where's the other?"

He seemed to be saddened by that question, and she bit her lip, hoping nothing bad had happened. According to her visions, all of the Children were needed for the last battle.

"He's in my head..." Jay replied quietly. "He had an 'accident' that separated him from his body. We managed to re-establish our mental link though."

"I'm sorry." Sadly, she looked down at the sidewalk for a moment, her violet eyes losing some of their sparkle. Then she looked at her watch. "I've got some time before the others get back from work, want to go for a walk around town?" She asked brightly, ignoring the shocked looks the eevees shot at her.

Jay's mouth opened in surprise. A girl about half his age, probably younger, was asking him if he wanted to go for a walk around town? She was a nice kid though, and he decided it wasn't a good idea for her to be wandering around alone anyway. Besides, the others were all busy doing something else. Even Sajoya had decided to leave him alone, though that, he was glad of. "Sure. I have nothing better to do."

/Jay! Shame on you! She's only half your age!/ Jyp scolded playfully.

/We're just going for a walk. Keep your dirty thoughts to yourself./

/Me? Dirty thoughts? Never!/

Jay snorted softly, but smiled at the girl. "So, where do you want to go, Michi?" Interesting name for an interesting kid, with the white hair and violet eyes. But strangely enough, although unusual, those features seem to suit her...

"Hmmm..." She looked around. No way she was going back to the apartment yet. There might be some Rockets back there. "Well, what about we go for a snack? There's a really good take-out booth near here, and a park not too far from there."

He shrugged. "Sure thing. And I'll pay."

"Thank you."

"You seem to know this place well." He remarked as they walked down the streets.

"We've been here for thirty days." She replied. "Ah, there we go! It's over there." She grabbed one of his hands and pulled him over to the booth. "Try their hotdogs. They're really good."

"Okay. You want one too?"

She nodded. "Only mustard and ketchup though."

"'Kay." He ordered, then after paying, handed her the hotdog he had got for her. "So where's the park?"

"There." She pointed across the street. "The light's green, let's go." Grabbing his free hand, she again tugged him across the street, something that seemed to be a habit of hers. They found a bench tucked away in the middle of the park, under a lavender tree, and sat down, eating in silence.

"Vee?" Janyin pitifully whined as Michi was about to finish off her hotdog.

"Oh! Sorry, I forgot about you guys." She was about to offer them her last bite when Jay gave them what was left of his.

"It's alright. I just ate breakfast anyway."

"Oh, okay. Are you guys okay?"

The eevees nodded, licking their muzzles clean.

"Good." She ate her last bite, then wiped her hands on a napkin. "You're a nice guy Jay." She finally said after a moment of silence.

He turned to look at her, his eyes wide. "What'd you mean?"

"I mean you're a nice guy."

"We've only just met..."

"I can tell. I know things." She picked up a fallen flower from the tree and smelled it, sighing happily. "Lavender...Smells nice. Here." She offered the flower to him, and he took it, smelling it.

"It is nice." He twirled the yellow flower in his fingers, then put it in her hair.

"Hey!" She giggled, then grinned at him. "I told you you're a nice guy."

He blushed, looking away.

"You seem sad."

"Sad?" There was a puzzled expression on his face, even though he knew what she meant.

/She's right. You've been acting strange lately./

"It's not good to hide things from yourself," she spoke seriously, "and it's not good to lock away feelings. What's making you sad?"

Eyes downcast, he sighed. "I really don't want to talk about-"

"Yes you do."

He raised an eyebrow. "How would you know?"

She sighed. Did she have to tell people this time and time again? "I know things."

"Fine, I'll tell you, but you must promise to keep your mouth shut." He looked at the eevees. "You too."

They all nodded.

"First off, like Jizo and Rezia, I was created, not born. Meaning my life's not really mine to do as I please with. Secondly, I happened to fall in love with the Mother of all Dragons..."

The eevees winced.

"Unfortunately, she's not mine for the taking, so I have to keep my love to myself, which is not easy. We're good friends... Then theres the whole Jyp thing..." He paused, resting his chin on one hand. "And now, I'm being pestered by this woman my creator ordered to join our group. She's putting too much pressure on me! I'm only human, I can't do everything. Yet whenever something bad happens, she gets all flustered and I'm the one she ends up arguing with, and I'm the one who always ends up losing the argument and being all sour... I can only take so much of that, and it's been going on and on..." He sighed, then laughed, not a merry laugh, but one of irony. "Now look at me, pouring out my deepest feelings to a girl on 'the other side' who's less than half my age..."

"We're not your enemies; we're just not your allies either. All we're doing is trying to stay out of this, trying to stay on a neutral side." She scooted closer to him, then reached up and put an arm around his shoulder. "Sometimes you just have to let it out Jay. Life's not fair to a lot of us, though it's been extra not fair to you." She leaned against him lightly. "But don't worry, there's a light at the end of you life's dark tunnel."

"What does that mean?" He turned to look at her, green meeting violet.

She giggled again. "You'll find out Jay, you'll find out." She hugged him, then kissed him on the cheek. "I have to go now." She got up, the smile fading from her face. "I sense something bad happening soon, and I don't want anything happening to you." She suddenly brightened up again. "I'd watch your back for you, but I'm busy enough with mine and the rest of my team's. Promise me you'll keep yourself safe? No matter what?"

He was about to say that one just can't promise something like that, but then he looked up at her. How could one be so innocent and trusting in this world? How was she able to reach into his heart and get him to open up like that even though they'd only known each other for an hour, or even less? "I promise," He found himself saying, much to her delight.

"Good!" She reached over and playfully flicked his bangs. "Till next time!" She waved, grabbing the eevees' leashes and practically skipping off.

He watched her go, and for the first time in his life, believed that angels very well might be watching over him... For all he knew, she was one. Feeling as if a whole snorlax had just been lifted off his shoulders, he stood up, and smiled, a real smile, and a happy one, and left to search for his group.


Michi, please don't do something-"

"Like that again? You scared the-"

"He...uh...heck out of us."

"Sorry guys, but I had to. He needed to let it out. He needed someone to talk to." She stopped walking for a moment. "But next time, I'll try and tell you before I do something like that, okay?"

"Okay." They both agreed.

The trio made it back to the apartment in no time. Michi decided that if no one had been there and seen the note, there was no reason for them to know she had been outside, and so she tore it up, and started watching TV as if she had been home all day long. About half an hour later, Kiajis returned for his lunch break with Sijia. He was dressed in, amazingly, a white dress-shirt, and a pair of khaki pants, for he wasn't allowed to wear all black at his job. However, he kept the sunglasses on at all times, still.

"Good afternoon Kiajis and Sijia!" Michi called out, turning to smile at him before returning to the show she was watching.

"Good afternoon Michi. Where'd you go, what'd you do, and why are you trying to cover it up?" He asked, walking into their tiny kitchen and searching through the fridge for something edible that hadn't expired.

She blinked upon hearing the question. "What makes you ask that?"

He rolled his eyes, at least, Michi thought he had; she couldn't see through his sunglasses. "Michi, you're a really sweet, loving kid, but when it comes to lying, you need a lot of work. I've been a thief for a long time, and I know a lot about lying."

"Oh fine. I went out with Rezia and Janyin to go for a walk, bumped into the human Child of Joy, had lunch with him, and came back. That's it."

"Oh? They're here?" He plucked a sandwich from the fridge and stood up. "Guess that means my sisters are here..."

"Your sisters?" Michi asked, though before the words had even left her mouth, she had a sudden mental image of six year old Kiajis tagging along behind a pair of identical twins who were older than him.

"Yeah. Mothers of all dragons and water types." He bit into the sandwich, then looked at it strangely. "What kind of meat is this?"

She shrugged. "I have no idea."

Sijia walked up and sniffed the sandwich in his hand. Then the ninetales plucked the sandwich from his grasp and walked over to the garbage, throwing it away.

"Great, is there anything safe to eat in this apartment?" He looked into his pockets, pulling out some money. "I'm almost broke..."


Rezia, Jizo and Gilisia arrived not too long after that, and they decided to go out to eat. It was on their way back to their apartment that Michi started to act strangely. Or at least, more strange.

"Hey, Meech, what's wrong?" Rezia looked at the girl, frozen where she was standing. "Meech?" The girl didn't respond, but simply looked around with terror in her violet eyes.

Jizo frowned, looking around suspiciously. "She said she met the Children of Joy, didn't she?" He started to draw energy, just incase. "I think the Children of Sorrow might be nearby too..."

The white haired girl was not listening to any of this, she was locked in a vision, one that frightened her. Not the usual still-life image she got, or blurry, black and white moving image, not the seeing of the world in black and white, or the seeing of coloured auras around people, but several images, all at once, flashing before her eyes as if they were taking place right then, right there, just at extremely high speeds.

"Death..." She suddenly said as she broke out of her trance.

"Death? Michi?" Gilisia waved her hand infront of the girl's face.

"What?" Michi seemed confused. "What do you mean by 'death'? I didn't say anything...Did I?" She looked at them all, unsure about what had just happened.

"I think we better get out of this town." Kiajis spoke up. "For one, all those pokemon disappearances have to be linked to Team Rocket, so there are bound to be some of them around out to kill me, or one of you. Secondly, Children of Sorrow might be here too. A meeting of all of us at such an early stage would be disastrous."

"Did Kiajis just say all that without swearing once?" Gilisia stared at him with wide eyes, and Sijia snickered.

"I'm being serious here, damnit!"

"We know, we know." Jizo looked down at Michi. "We'll go get packed and then return to our jobs and resign. We'll leave tonight."

"But we can't leave Michi alone." Janyin reminded him.

"And we certainly can't protect her on our own." Rezia added.

"Kiajis, you take her with you." Jizo ordered him.

"What! I work in a bar!" He protested, looking at the young girl.

"It's the day; she'll be fine."

"I can look after myself, Kiajis. The question is, who'll look after you?" She latched onto his arm. "You'll be late."


"So let me get this straight. We capture the girl, and she'll lure Kiajis to us? Not only that, but you'll pay us?"

"Yes. Why, you don't trust me?"

The team rocket assassin squirmed uncomfortably in his chair. The dark blue haired man in front of him intimidated him, that he had to admit. His gaze was intense and unwavering, and there was just something...evil...about him. However, with this, he'd kill two birds with one stone. They'd finally get to kill Kiajis, and make some much needed money at the same time. "I'll take the job." He said, ignoring the question about trust.

"Good. Just remember to be there at the right time. The girl's not hard to spot. Be careful though, she's more dangerous than she looks." He got up. "Half the money's in that suitcase over there, you get the rest when you capture the girl." Then he turned and left.


A ninetales ran through the streets of Tevas. He'd just barely made it in alive, for 'wild' fire pokemon were not allowed to run around freely. They were caught and 'deported' to special areas for them. Thankfully, he was no ordinary ninetales, and smart enough to sneak through the streets on his own. Right now, he knew he was short on time, but he could feel his mate, sister really, nearby. But so was his mother, and therefore Calisin and the rest.



Rezia looked down at the younger girl in surprise. "Zia-chan?"

"It's a sort of nickname. You call me Meech.

"Oh, ok. So what were you going to ask me?" Rezia asked.

"Where are we going anyway?"

"Not sure yet. We'll have to see. Right now, we just need to get out of here safely." She ruffled the girl's hair like she normally did.

"Hey, you two, quiet!" Reika whispered, looking around nervously. "We don't want to get caught by anyone."


Everyone looked at Sijia, but the fox pokemon hadn't uttered a word. They looked around, and their eyes fell upon another ninetales, a big one at that, though very scrawny, underfed.

"Ninetales..." He gasped out, staggering towards Sijia and Kiajis. Collapsing in front of them, he struggled to speak.

"Tales?" Sijia crouched down by him and started licking his face tenderly.

"They...know each other?" Rezia asked no one in particular.

Michi nodded. "They are mates. You could call them the mother and father of all ninetales and vulpixes. They're also Kiajis's children." She knelt by the exhausted pokemon and laid her small, delicate hands on his body. They glowed briefly, and then the ninetale's breathing seemed to go back to normal. He stood, then looked at her gratefully.

"Ninetales, nine nine tales ninetales tales nine ninetales nine nine nine tales tales ninetales." He paused. "Nine tales, nine nine nine ninetales tales tales ninetales ninetales nine."

As he spoke, Kiajis mentally translated, his face seeming to darken as his son spoke. "Shit! Fucking hell! Damn my brothers in law!" His hands were balled up tightly and his knuckles were white.

"What's wrong Kiajis?" Janyin asked worriedly, seeming to frown, so much as one can say an eevee frowned.

"Calisin and Sian, my fucking brothers in law, kidnapped my wife, their sister. They're holding her captive, and they most likely plan on killing me, if not both of us. They're here in Tevas, and we need to hurry up and leave." He looked at the ninetales. "I have no intention of leaving though. I'm going to roast those two slowly over a raging fire till there's nothing left of them but a pile of ashes!"

Jizo coughed. "I can understand that you're concerned about her, but we really can't go around murdering the other team... Besides, you're not at full strength, and one of them is your counter-element."

Kiajis sighed, but unclenched his fists, seeming to calm down. "Fine, but when the time comes, they will die slowly and painfully..."

The two ninetales were sitting together. It seemed as if they were talking, but neither was saying a word. Finally, they got up and walked over to the rest, signaling that they were ready to go.

The group slipped through the night, on their way to a bus station in a remote area. It would be a long walk, but they valued their lives, and were not willing to take the chances of going to the metro, were Rocket members might be hiding.

"Everyone stop!" Michi commanded, her violet eyes scanning around. "I sense evil." She blanked out for a few seconds, receiving a new vision. /No... not yet! Not now! I have so much I need to do... This wasn't supposed to happen now!/ She suddenly ran to Jizo, wrapping her arms around his waist. "I don't want to leave. I don't want to go... But I must, and you all shouldn't worry. I'll be fine; I can protect myself. Take care of yourselves. Don't search for me, just continue gathering your group. I'll be okay..." She choked back a sob.

"Michi? What are you talking about?" Rezia walked up to the nearly crying kid and laid a hand on her shoulder. "Where are you going?"

"I don't know where... I only know that I'll be going somewhere, and that you must not worry. Promise to watch over Jizo and Kiajis for me? They need watching..."

"Okay, but I still don't-"

The eevees started growling, and erected a protective barrier around the group. "The children of Sorrow." They both said, their brown eyes now glowing pale, nearly white, blue.

Jizo and Rezia too stiffened, a sword appearing in Jizo's hands, and a staff in Rezia's. Kiajis began to gather heat, while vines appeared from Gilisia's fingertips. Michi simply clung onto Jizo, not wanting to let go.

"Hello brother-in-law." The older man replied, calmly stepping out of the shadows. "How have you been?"

"Calisin!" Kiajis hissed, whipping around quickly to face the Father of All Dragons.

"Oh, that's it? Nothing else? You're quite unlike your wife then. We had a hard time getting her to shut up."

"Bastard!" Michi suddenly exclaimed, ignoring the shocked looks her group gave her. She let go of Jizo and walked to the edge of the barrier the eevees had created. "Have you no compassion? Have you forgotten love?" Her eyes were hard, no longer projecting innocence, but looking at him the way that one might look at an insect crawling over her food. "You disgust me."

"Strong words for one so young." He remarked. "How old are you? Twelve, thirteen? Eleven?" He laughed. "A mere baby."

"A baby? I'll show you what this baby can do!" She reached one hand out of the barrier and white sparks flew at Calisin, knocking him down. "Can a baby do that?" She yelled at him, and would have continued but the ninetales both tackled her, trying to stop her from provoking Calisin into doing something drastic.

"Little bitch!" He got up, dusting himself off. "You're gonna pay dearly for that."

"Stop it Calisin." Chiata commanded. She'd let him have his fun later, now it was time for business. "How's your shoulder Jizo? Did I stab you too hard that last time?"

He glared at her, raising his sword. "This time, you're gonna be the one who gets stabbed." He looked at the eevees, then nodded. The barrier they had erected suddenly disappeared, and Jizo rushed at Chiata. Their swords clashed, and they began fighting. Chisa ran at Reika, but this time, anticipated the eevee sidestepping her, and managed to tackle her by swerving quickly. Janyin was not staying out of the fight this time, and also ran for the vulpix, not caring that it would be a two against one battle.

The ninetales stood at either side of Michi, with Gilisia's venusaur and vileplume covering up the front and her back. They were going to protect the young girl if it meant their deaths. Kiajis, consumed with fury, tackled Calisin, wrestling with the older man. Gilisia fought with Sian, vines whipping out at him while he tried to use mainly ice attacks to break the vines off and then freeze her hands.

Rezia looked on helplessly clutching her staff. Something glinted in the dark, right before a dart shot out at Sijia, knocking the ninetales out, followed by another dart knocking the venusaur out. /They're after Michi!/ She belatedly realized, running for the girl. "Michi! Stay put!" She ran to where Michi was standing and knocked the girl down right before a dart whizzed above them. Then she picked her up, covering the girl's body with her own. But then a dart hit her own leg, and it wasn't long before she passed out.

"Zia-chan? Rezia!" The girl shook Rezia, but realized that it was no use. She turned to look at Jizo as she heard him cry out involuntarily in pain as Chiata slashed the shoulder that had just finished healing, and then took advantage at the momentary lapse in defense and got his right arm too. She saw Kiajis, an eye swollen, lip bleeding, covered in bruises, but still glaring up at the man that had pinned him down. She saw Gilisia valiantly struggling to fend off Sian's ice attacks... She saw Janyin and Reika struggling against the vulpix despite their advantage in numbers.

She couldn't let them fight.

Not yet. They weren't supposed to fight yet.

This was pointless.

They just wanted her.

She was supposed to go anyway.

A hand grabbed her arm, and she screamed, her instincts kicking in, but her scream was cut off as a hand clamped down firmly over her mouth, and she was restrained. She saw the new ninetales try and leap at her kidnapper's throat, right before getting knocked out by a tranquilizer dart. The last things she saw before blacking out were the helpless looks in her team's eyes as they watched her be dragged off...


"Why can't I do anything? It's not fair!" Jay whispered to his mistress as he watched what had just happened before his eyes. He couldn't shake off the lost looks of the 'Peace and Patience team' as the white-haired girl was hauled off, and they couldn't do a thing about it. Or the gleeful looks of the 'Sorrow team' as they noticed that that their opponents had given up.

"I'm sorry Jay, but this was supposed to happen..." His mistress said sadly. She hated to see this happen, but it had to.


"Quiet, and watch."

Jizo's team surrendered. His own sword disappeared, and he went over to his sister, picking her up carefully, trying in vain to ignore his bleeding wounds. Gilisia's vines disappeared, and she hung her head in shame. Kiajis was obviously displeased by their having to give up, but rolled from underneath Calisin, and stood up shakily, carefully touching his wounds, but then walking over to the two sleeping ninetales. Janyin and Rezia both held back their attacks and limped over to Jizo.

"How fast the mighty fall." Chiata remarked with a smug smile.

"Fall? We haven't fallen yet." Jizo retorted bitterly, his green eyes dark with malice and pain. "We're just getting warmed up..."

"Are you so stupid that you can't realize when you've been defeated?" Chisa asked, licking one of her paws daintily.

"Like I said, we're just getting warmed up." He tilted his head back and looked at the sky. /Father, I know you can hear me. We need your help! Please father, we can't fail now... We just can't... We're hurt, we're tired, and we've lost this battle, but that war isn't over. Don't let us be killed now!/

Right after he finished that thought, his group began to glow pale blue, and they all disappeared, much to Chiata's chagrin.

Back in the alleyway, the blond haired child smiled smugly. "See Jay? They'll be fine."

"What was the point of my seeing this?" He demanded.

"I just thought itd be educational. Now, I have to take you back to your hotel before the group realizes you're missing."


Back to the library