Slightly sadistic, PG-13 making it's way slowlytoward R short fic. There's quite a bit of violence in it, and it's weird. The story, beyond the beggining, needs a lot of work.


Her name is Sept

A tempest of silk fur and ebony claws, a hurricane of silver eyes and ivory teeth, she terrorizes the minds of those that embrace her, unaware of her treacherous nature. A wide-eyed cub, she moves in and makes herself comfortable, growing in the shadows, feeding on wrath and envy, on pride and lust, on sloth and gluttony, on greed. The darker the mind, the faster she gains strength. Yet in even the purest of minds, she finds just enough of her favorite emotions and qualities to turn into the terrifying beast known to those she has already made her victims.

As a near harmless baby, she seems almost appealing. She bites, but her jaws hold not enough power for her razor sharp teeth to cause pain in the soul. With her rumbling growl, mistaken for a purr, she seduces the mind into accepting her, into allowing her to sink her claws right into it and never let go.

As a full grown beast, she lashes out. The mind she inhabits screams out in pain, but the scream is drowned out by her roars. She yearns to kill, to want, to indulge. She drives humans to their lowest selves, murdering their conscience in cold blood. The poor little girl or boy that lives within the mind rarely has a chance to even squeal before she closes her jaws over his or her neck, spilling the blood that she so enjoys. Sometimes they manage to fight back, in those few minds that do not fully embrace her, but always, she wins in the end. Maybe she will not kill Innocence, but she will force it into submission, and any time that she feels like taking over, she will.

Ruler of the seven deadly sins, Sept knows how to reign supreme over the human mind.


"Hey Ian, fall into a bucket of grease on your way over?"

"Look, it's Slick!"

"Watcha gonna do? Choke me to death with oil?"

Teenagers, little children. So cruel, so horribly cruel. Whoever said that younger humans were innocent was wrong. Their total self absorption allowed them to perform some of the worst acts known to man, and not feel guilty because they had no sense of right or wrong unless taught it.

Ian knew this well. If they were as innocent as people claimed they should be, he would not have been teased so much. It wasn't his fault that his hair was naturally oily, or his skin. He was born that way and there wasn't much he could do about it. He knew he would grow out of it, but till then, he had to put up with his peers, his fellow victims of Sept.

But he had a closer bond with the Queen of the Seven, he knew her intimately. She came to him in his dreams; she let him watch as she killed his Innocence. Slowly, for part of him wanted to hold onto it. She had dragged the little boy out into his dream, turning the forest he was in into a dark nothing. Unable to wake, he watched in horror as she toyed with Innocence, playing a sick cat and mouse game with the dark haired child, enjoying the wails as he tried to crawl away, clutching onto a bleeding wound, mocking him with her eyes as he vaporized, leaving bright blood stains over the blackness. She walked over to one of the puddles and bent down to lap at it. Yet her eyes were focused on Ian; her silver eyes danced with merriment as she felt the horror within his soul.

Now, looking back on the dream made him smile. Originally, he cringed, trying to convince himself that it had just been a dream. But now he knew the truth. Sept existed, and she had chosen him to be her newest toy. She lived in everyone, but she only made the minds of a few into her home. Ian was her newest pick.

Sitting in his class, he watched the other students. Pitiful. Aneesa Williams glanced at him, and he winked, then deliberately looked her up and down, his eyes lingering on her chest. Horrified, she turned back to the blackboard, self-consciously crossing her legs and crossing her arms.

He paid no attention to the class. Sept hated hard workers. Besides, he was too busy planning out that night. Lily Winkler was his target. The girlfriend of Mark, one of his chief tormentors since seventh grade. How he wanted her, how he wanted her and Mark to suffer... No, he musn't think about her right then. He mustn't think about her perfect body, about her full curves, about the way he just wanted to place on hand on that little curve at her waist and another on her delicate shoulder and then kiss her on those sweet little lips, tasting her cherry lip gloss and-

The bell rang. He needed to get up and leave for his next class, but he had a problem preventing him from standing immediately. Carefully, he managed to wrap his coat around himself while still sitting, then, holding his books low, he left to go daydream some more in his English class.


He was ready. He had the knife, he knew what he was going to do, and he knew Sept would help him. She loved him, she wanted him to succeed.

Lily was always the last girl to leave the locker room, and she always walked home on her own. She would be by herself, and no one would be expecting her, and thus come looking for her. Smiling, Ian walked up to the powder pink door, pulling it open carefully, trying not to avoid the usual squeak of the door when it opened.

His bare feet made no sound against the cold, slightly damp floor. His jeans rubbed together a little, and his t-shirt produced a slight rustle, but nothing that human ears could pick up. Beating fast, his heart seemed almost about to leap out of his chest. Was it nervousness or lust? He could not tell.

He spotted her, sitting on one of the benches in-between the lockers, buttoning up her white blouse. Her legs were slightly open, and her dark hair was tied into a neat little bun. He wondered what her chocolate skin felt like. Was it as smooth as it seemed? So much darker than his own pale skin, and so beautiful.

She sensed his eyes on her and looked up, expecting one of her teammates. Shock turned to fear, fear turned to anger, anger turned to hate. "What the hell are you doing in here?" She yelled, standing up quickly. Brandishing her hair-brush, she watched Ian, not yet noticing the knife. "I could have been naked!" She did up the last button to her shirt and then picked up her bag. "Did someone send you to tell me something?"


"Then what the fuck are you doing in a girl's locker room?" She rolled her eyes and shoulder her bag, then started toward him. She stopped when she saw the knife, and slowly began backing away from him. "Ian...?"

He smiled, a strange parody of Sept's wide toothed grin of victory. He savored the fear in her dark brown eyes for a moment, but then realized she was a little too close to screaming or running away. He lunged at her, tacking her down to the ground. Still smiling, he pressed the knife to her throat with one hand, dropping the other down to that little curve on her waist. Pressing his body close to hers, he kissed her briefly, licking his lips after. "Cherry, as I thought."

"You fucking pervert!" She hissed, squirming underneath him.

"Now, now Lily. You'll be dead soon. I'm not going to rape you, it's just not my style. I just want to torture you a little." He dug the knife deeper into her throat, putting on enough pressure for it to hurt but not draw blood.

She stared up at him, flinching when she saw the hint of silver in his own dark eyes. She knew that silver, she knew that smile... Drawing up her knee quickly, she caught him in the groin area, an attack that he had not expected at all. Taking his momentary distraction to her advantage, she wrenched the knife out of his grasp and shoved him off her.

All she had to do then was turn and run, just turn and run, call the police. But that wasn't what she wanted. Grasping the knife in her hand, she glared at him. Revenge, that was what she wanted. "You're gonna pay for that." Remembering all she knew from softball about throwing, she put her all behind the knife and stabbed him in his stomach, falling to her knees next to him. "Bastard," she spat out, stabbing him in one shoulder. Her eyes held that same silver glow, but his only looked up at her in fear. Some part of her that still remained Lily noticed the feeling of betrayal evident in his expression. Sept had left him, betrayed him. Sept had wanted him to rape the girl, to fully destroy her Innocence. But he was not going to, and she wanted the most out of that situation.

Lily stood, noting the blood on her white shirt, on her hands, all over Ian. Her eyes dancing with flecks of silver, she raised one finger to her mouth, darting out her tongue to taste the coppery liquid.

Horrified, Ian recognized that action, so much like his dream... A satiated smile lay on her lips, and her eyes were only half open. Fully satisfied with what she had done, she dropped the knife and walked out. As he watched her hips sway back and forth, the life slowly pouring out of him, he could have sworn he saw a tail swishing in joy.

There is a little cub catching a free ride on the minds of all humans, and her name is Sept.