Baby Blue Eyes

Baby blue eyes, full of bubbly energy, sparkling with life. Those were the first things one noticed when they first saw Mew, other than the fact that she was a legendary pokemon. But few saw Mew long enough to notice the hidden sorrow between her bouncy, playful personality, or even the wise, ancient aspect of her.

Floating over the sea, Mew looked around, letting out a delightful little giggle. She loved watching baby horsea play while their seadra parents watched over them carefully, and the handful of kingdra in their group looked out for gyrados and the like. The little horsea were so cute and innocent, swimming around and playing, not affected by the cautious watch of their parents who were well aware of the dangers of the sea. Mew seemed to be like those baby horsea. Always playing around with that bright, innocent look in her blue eyes, giggling happily like a little human with a new toy. But no. Like the seadra and the kingdra, she knew very well what dangers lurked in the world.

Mew was ancient. She had witnessed many births, and many deaths. Within her was a hidden pain that no one knew about, not even any of the other legendaries. They were too concerned with their own duties to worry about Mew. Plus, they all had their own companions to confide in. The legendary birds had each other, the legendary beasts had each other. Even Houou and Rugia had each other. But Mew... Mew stood alone.

Mew had watched close friends die of old age while she still showed no sign of deteriorating. She had seen humans and pokemon die from famine, or in wars. She had witnessed fires, floods, earthquakes, and hurricanes. But there was a limit to which Mew could tamper with the events of the world, and she had to content herself with rescuing only when absolutely necessary, as much as watching others suffer pained her.

Being the only mew was a downfall too, for she had no other pokemon like her to converse with. Sure she talked to MewTwo, but his take on the world was incredibly different from hers. He did not have her almost childish, simplistic view, yet at the same time, amazingly complicated outlook. Mew believed he actually looked down on her, for he had not yet realized how wise, and lonely, she was.

But Mew knew she was destined to be alone. In fact, she didn't quite care, for she was Mew after all. And for now, she was quite content watching the baby seadra play as the sun set in the horizon. It was a rather peaceful activity, and she enjoyed it very much. Giggling again, she clapped her hands in delight as a cool breeze ruffled her smooth pink fur a little, and a seadra leapt out of the water to greet her, splashing drops of the water onto her as it dived back into the sea.

Lonely or not, Mew knew how to have fun.