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This is a tale of War. This is a tale of Sacrifice. This is a tale of Love.


What is war? War is a set of ongoing battles between two or more opposing groups. People die, people suffer, people make sacrifices for those they love. War is wrong; there's no doubt about that. Right? So then why do we fight them?

Who knows?

Love and Sacrifice(v3): This is a tale of War

The year, 2051. Signs of a war are dawning, and the once peaceful world begins to quiver in fear. At least, the world except for the nation Kaita, the very instigator of all the small wars that begin to break out. Always known as a military-based country, Kaita has begun to take advantage of its strength and to conquer surrounding nations in the continents of Eurel and Arasia, forming "The Kaitan Alliance".

The people of the pokemon world do not want a war. They have no idea what to do; they have no idea how to go about protecting themselves. But they cannot just sit back and be dominated by this tiny, yet powerful nation. They need weapons; they need some way to insure that even if they are conquered, they can retaliate eventually.

They want perfect soldiers.

Sure actual weapons would be a good idea, but in this world of pokemon, mechanical warfare takes a backseat to pokemon and human soldiers. Yet to create these idea soldiers, they would need years and years of research. Years and years that they feared they did not have to spare.


The world conference of professors of various fields:

"Professor Ferina Tavis, you've been disagreeing with all our suggestions. What do *you* propose we do?" Professor Harold asked.

Ferina stood up, thinking over her words carefully. She knew her idea would work, so it was crucial that she presented it in a way that they would all leap for it. Her bright green eyes seemed thoughtful and mellow, but then lit up with a pleased sparkle. "For one, I don't think that we should recruit orphaned babies and try bringing them up as soldiers. It just doesn't work." She paused, thinking again. "I also don't think genetically enhancing pokemon will work. Remember MewTwo? I know that's classified, but I'm quite sure we all heard about that 'little incident'."

"But what do you think we should do, then?" Professor Jim demanded. He wanted to genetically enhance pokemon, and Ferina's quick shot down of his idea struck a nerve.

The young professor bent down and picked up her bag, then set it down on the table. She took out a pile of pamphlets from her briefcase and passed them down the table. "I propose we create our own soldiers."

"Create? You mean-" Professor Nerina looked worried, and frantically looked around the room then at her sister. "You can't possibly believe we'll be able to finish in time!" She lowered her voice, directing her next remark just at Ferina. "And besides, it was meant to be *our* secret..."

"Finish what in time?" Professor Kris asked curiously.

"Project H/C," Ferina replied. "Open the booklets and read for yourself."

The other professors read, quickly skimming through. At first, silence filled the room, but an excited mummer started to rise as they discussed the contents.

"That's even more impossible than genetically enhancing a biddable but intelligent pokemon!" Jim scoffed, frowning at the pamphlet, but he was immediately drowned out by the excited remarks of the other professors.

"This is great Ferina! Did you and Nerina think this up? Have you started already?" Professor May Oak asked. She was old, over sixty, but still one of the most active professors in the pokemon field, and a very highly respected one.

"Yes, Ferina and I have started. We haven't gotten very far... Our preliminary experiments consist in trying to add pokemon DNA to adults to enhance the senses."

"Any success?" May asked.

"Actually, yes. We tried it on ourselves... As some of you may have noticed, Ferina no longer needs her glasses, and I can hear again. I haven't had to read lips for some time now."

"This is wonderful! It's a perfect idea!" May exclaimed, clapping her hands together. "However," she continued seriously, "we will need to split into several groups. Somewhere between seven and seventeen."

"But why?" Harold asked.

"Because, if we all work together, and we get discovered, what will happen to the project? We need to hope that at least one experiment succeeds."

"Then it should be seventeen groups, one for each type. We can organize annual meetings to compare notes and results, but other than that, we should stay separate, for our own safety. Nerina, Ferina, surely you two have several other assistants who know about the experiments who can be distributed to different groups."

They nodded.

"Good! Now, on to who gets what type-"

"Excuse me," Professor Taru interrupted. "I thought there were sixteen types? Lightning, Water, Grass, Fire, Fighting, Ground, Dragon, Rock, Steel, Ghost, Poison, Dark, Psychic, Bug, Flying, and Ice?"

"You forgot Normal," May said.

"Normal? But, why would we want to create a normal hybrid?"

"A normal hybrid is more likely to come out looking human," Ferina answered. "Plus, imagine if we could create a human with the abilities of a Ditto?"

"Or the erratic genetic structure of an eevee?" Nerina added.

"Oh..." Taru said, mulling over the idea. "I think I'd like to take on the normal project."

"Perfect! I was hoping you would. Actually, Nerina and I already drew a layout for the various groups..."

"You two had this all planned, didn't you?" May asked.

The twenty-eight year old twins grinned, identical twinkles in their green eyes. "Of course," they both answered.


And so Project H/C started. It involved, in the beginning, just pokemon and a small number of adult test subjects who were willing to have pokemon DNA added to them. As the experiment progressed, it became necessary to draft healthy and willing pregnant women in the early stages of pregnancy to have their embryos experimented on. But they did not achieve their needed goal until twenty-six years after that fateful world conference, at the twenty-fifth Project H/C meeting in December...


"So Professor Mikoto, you claim you've achieved success?" One of the other professors asked, looking at Mikoto's notes.

"Claim? I have achieved success." He turned to one of his assistants. "Donna, go bring him!"

The assistant nodded, and left the room, returning later with a bundle in her arms and handing it to Professor Mikoto.

"Behold! Attempt number one hundred and thirteen!" He showed them the baby. His right furry shoulder had the roman numerals "CXIII" tattooed into it. "He is our perfect soldier!"

"He's a dark type pokemon/human crossbreed! But... that was the experiment we thought would be the hardest! How did you manage it?" Professor Taru, now rather old, walked up to get a better look at the baby.

The Professor smiled, an evil little smirk on his face. "When you understand the type better, success is easy." And he proceeded to lecture them on where they had been going wrong, why so many of the babies either turned out perfectly human, deformed, or dead.

"But, yours is deformed." One of the professors complained.

"Deformed? So he has fur and ears similar to those of a burakki, though a little more like a persian. So he has a tail, and glowing green eyes. But he is healthy, and he has the DNA of dark type pokemon and humans, so he should be able to learn the attacks that dark pokemon can learn. He also has the mind of a normal human, with some bonuses, and his senses are extraordinary! What about him is deformed? He's as perfect as a two month old baby can be!"

No one answered.

"Here, copies of our files. We duplicated them, one copy for each project. Although we have succeeded with him, it cannot be guaranteed that our base shall not be infiltrated, and him destroyed. For all we know, this may be our last meeting." He handed out four compact disks to each of the leading professors. "I believe this annual meeting is over. We've been here long enough."

And so they left. And that was their last annual meeting. The Kaitan Alliance, having almost entirely conquered Arasia and Eurel, had enough support to go after the rest of the world.

Love and Sacrifice: This is a tale of Sacrifice

------- June, the next year (six months later) Professor Mikoto's base - 2078 -------

Bullets flew and found their marks in the soft, mortal flesh of humans and pokemon alike. Bombs exploded; test tubes, computers, and walls all destroyed along with the lives of many. The hidden underground lab in Jerae city had been infiltrated, and the chances of anyone surviving were dim.

"Tahari! Take the baby and the files." An assistant handed the young man a smallish bundle and some disks. "You must live. We will... hold them back. Go!" She coughed up some blood, clutching the wound in her side, but holding her gun fiercely in the other hand. "GO! The project must live on! We can't let all our hard work go to waste! For all we know the other experiments have failed."

"But... I can't leave you Donna!" His green eyes were wide with fear, but also admiration for the young lady that stood before him. "I, I love you!" He blurted out.

She smiled despite the pain. "I love you too Tahari, but I love my country. I love the world. What are a few lives compared to millions? I beg you to go! If you love me, you'll leave me..."

"That's foolish logic..." He looked at the baby, then shifted it and the disks to one side. "I'm taking you with me." Then, despite her feeble protests, he slid his free arm around her waist and began to drag her through the rubble.

"You're just ... going to slow yourself... down! We'll get caught!" She coughed, trying to wriggle out of his grasp.

"Shut up and stay still! There's an exit nearby."

"Charizard! Char zard, Chari!"

"Flame! I'm glad to see you alive! Is Professor Mikoto still alive?"

"Ri..." The Charizard shook her head sadly, but shrugged after a moment's thought, signifying that she doubted it but was not sure. She pointed to an emergency elevator exit, and shoved the young professor and the assistant towards it. "Char!"

"No! You're coming too!" Why was everyone so eager to die today? How could one be so dedicated to something?

"Ri." The large pokemon said again, then she opened the door and pushed the two into it. "Charizard..." She whispered a goodbye, prepared to fight to her death if only those three would live. Her eyes fell on a cylinder of highly explosive liquid, and a sharp-toothed grin spread across her draconic face. Using her great claws, she ripped it open and took a deep breath. A bullet tore through her shoulder, but she ignored it and used a flamethrower on the gasoline.

The lab exploded, and many professors and assistants died along with their attackers. But Project H/C, Type #15: CXIII, lived on, and there was still hope.