Love and Sacrifice: The things little sisters do...

Determined, Shadow approached the Zentai base, armed fully with just about every weapon he had with him, plus a full set of dark pokemon attacks. At each side, one of his pokemon trotted in sync with his quick pace, knowing full well what he had planned for that night.

When he reached the gate, he tucked the houndoom under his arm and held the umbreon close to his chest, then leapt over with the acrobat skill and grace he had been born with. In one swift, silent movement, he made it over and killed the single soldier on duty before rushing off, ignoring the alarm and concentrating on doing as much damage as one lone hybrid possibly could.

But one warning, it hurts like h*ll The lightning hybrid's words the night before replayed in his mind, and for a split second, he hesitated, wondering whether he should go on...

But no, he could not stop now. Together with his pokemon, he slaughtered just about every living soul in the base, pokemon and human, and all that was left was to get rid of the pokedolls, but there was only one way he could do such mass destruction without normal explosives. Self destructing.

Dark pokemon were normally unable to learn the attack self-destruct, but a high electrical charge was not the only way to die while creating a large energy blast. All the hybrids had a sort of internal device, created for tough situations where the only way to avoid capture was to die. He knew the surviving soldiers would find out his location soon enough, and he had to make up his mind quick.

Solemnly, he regarded each pokemon, checking to see if they still wanted to go on with this. He expected them to at least seem a little wary, but proud determination shined in their eyes.

Inside the building where the pokedolls were housed, Shadow was about to press the button when a shout from outside the door stopped him.


He looked up and saw an extremely familiar form circling the sky and swooping down. Almost instantly, a charizard landed, one he had know his entire life, one that had grown up with him, evolving from a baby charmander to a fully fledged charizard right before his eyes. A pokemon that had often been his only friend and companion, each of them comforting each other before, during, and after lab tests... Next to that pokemon, on the back of a fearow, sat his sister, dear, innocent Donari, with blazing fires of anger and pain burning in her eyes.

Before Shadow could say anything, she ran up to him and stood right before him, her brown eyes blazing indignantly. "How dare you? Did you even stop to think about the people you'd be leaving behind?" Without thinking twice herself, she raised a hand and slapped him as hard as she could. "How could you?" Tears streaked freely down her cheeks as she grabbed the detonator out of his hand and smashed it on the ground, crushing it with her foot, staring defiantly at him the whole time.

Shadow blinked, then turned his head to one side as he looked at Donari with his dead eyes. "" Silently, he sank down to his knees, blankly looking up at her, a single tear struggling to trail down his fur.

She laughed bitterly before kneeling down and hugging him. "Hai, did you even have to ask?" She kissed him on the cheek, then stood up. "C'mon, let's go back, `kay?"

He nodded, standing up and looking around at the damage he had caused. How had he done all of that by himself, even with two pokemon? The will to die did strange things to people...


[Next Night]

Shadow sat beside Indenki in the truck they would be using to travel around and try and find the whereabouts of Jarith Oak. Leaning outside his window, Donari peered in with a strange expression on her face.

"So you're the one that got my brother into thinking about self-destructing, huh Indenki?"

The lightning hybrid looked at her, neither nodding nor shaking his head. "He decided on his own."

Softly, she snorted. "Well, next time, I'm not letting you off so easily." Backing away, she waved. "Track me down sometime, Shadow!" She called out as they drove off into the night.

In the truck, Shadow turned to look at Indenki, a slight flicker of emotion in his eyes. "If it were you, and a girl was crying, begging you stop, you'd still have done it, wouldn't you?"

Not taking his eyes off the road, the younger boy replied. "Like I said, the only way to live a good life is to act on your emotions."


[Back at Blade's]

"So, where to next, Donari?" Blade asked, stroking the fur of Love, the persian, who sat beside him.

"Leah doesn't like me wandering around a lot. She wants me back on the island," Donari replied, feeding Sacrifice small chunks of meat. It was an intimidating task, holding out food for those massive jaws to snatch.

"What island?"

"We've sort of set up a small pacifist nation off the coast of Arasia. There are a lot of refugees and such living there. Leah's trying to set me up as a sort of figure head, but I dunno about that..." She smiled. "I think I'm a little too stubborn and hotheaded to be a figurehead!"

Blade laughed, his mercury eyes twinkling. He had not liked Shadow and Indeki's announcement of their departure, but he understood that there was only so much time a soldier could spend not fighting. Besides, the steel hybrid also had a lot of work to do. "Maybe I'll drop by sometime."

"I think I'd like that," she replied. "I'd like that very much actually..." /It'd be nice to have someone around my age to talk to for a change. Then I can spend less time pining over people who're never there.../


Love and Sacrifice(v3): Would it help if I said I'm sorry?

Indenki sat at the computer, searching for any information on the Oak family that he could hack his way to. As he was about to slip a disk into the computer though, his arm cramped up, and he dropped it.

"You should take better care of yourself." A voice spoke from behind him, its owner bending over and picking up the disk, handing it back to Indenki. "Here."

Wordlessly, he took the disk and then pushed it into the CPU.

"Go sleep, I'll finish up," Shadow said. They had too much to do for the lightning hybrid to work himself to death.

Having learnt a while ago not to argue with the dark hybrid, Indenki got up, faltering slightly as his legs slowly adjusted to being used again. He realized that Shadow was right, and he should take better care of himself. A soldier needed to be in perfect condition, and self-destructing took a lot out of a pokemon, or hybrid for that matter. Somehow, he made his way to where his raikou lay sleeping, and curled up beside it, falling into a deep sleep almost immediately.

Shadow`s fingers moved smoothly over the keyboard, and he tackled the task of finding out where the location of the next hospital they would be stopping by was.

--------- Next Day ---------

Unsheathing his claws, Shadow assessed the distance up to the rooms they would be checking out and decided that he could handle it. Scaling up the old brick walls with incredible speed, he silently checked in each window, seeing if he could find Jarith Oak in any of them.

Finally, at the third to last window, he found the man, still in a coma, laying in his hospital bed, with whom Shadow was pretty sure was his youngest daughter. Quickly, he climbed down to where Indenki waited.

"Room 209. I believe May is with him too."

/May Oak... Most likely named after her great-great-grandmother.../ "I'm going up now."

"Now? Why?" Shadow asked. Why on earth would he want to go up there while May was still there?

"I have something I need to do..." He replied, putting on a cap and disappearing into the hospital.

Deciding that he wanted to keep an eye on the lightning hybrid, Shadow climbed back up and perched outside the window.

The door opened, and May turned around, startled that someone had entered. When she saw Indenki, she stood up, fear in her eyes. "D-don't... hurt him," she stammered, standing protectively in front of her father.

"I'm not going to hurt him." For a while, he held her eyes before looking down in shame. "I was the one who cast the lightning attack on your father's plane, but it was an accident. Zentai tricked me into thinking that it was one of their planes..." He reached into his coat and drew out a gun, handing it to her. "Here. It`s only right that you get to do it."

With trembling hands, she took the gun. "I can't!"

"It's only right."

Silently, she lifted the gun, aiming it at him, but she hesitated, and finally lowered it, fresh tears running down her face. "You're a coward..." She said bitterly, hiding her face from him. "You knew I wouldn't have the guts to shoot you..."

"I wanted you to have the chance." His blue eyes betrayed nothing, and he looked at her with an even gaze that never faltered.

"Take it back!" She threw the gun at him, then turned around. "Go. I won't let anyone know you're in the area if you just leave now." Indenki could not see, but Shadow noticed the tears that had started to fall from her brown eyes. She was young, maybe around the same age as the dark hybrid.

As noiselessly as he entered, Indenki left.

Shadow climbed back down and met Indenki outside, having watched what had happened, he was wise enough not to question him, and simply followed him into town.

They wandered the streets aimlessly, in a way searching for any signs as to Zentai's progress into the area. Shadow wore a hooded jacket that pretty much hid his entire face except his eyes, and one look at their dead glaze was enough to cause any passer-byer not to look twice.

"That car's been following us," Shadow whispered quietly, peering in the rear-view mirror of his motorcycle, which he'd brought along, but was not riding.

Cautiously, Indenki looked behind them and saw a black car slowly tailing them.

"Let me, you're injured," the dark hybrid said, mounting the bike and dashing off through the streets. Instantly, the car sped after him, and Indenki fled in the other direction.

Shadow raced on, going towards the harbor. It was a dangerous gamble; for all he knew the people following him knew the area well enough to know what he was planning. Right as he reached the pier, he leapt off in a back flip, landing perfectly on a clothesline up above, and the car, having not noticed the fact that it was heading towards water, landed in the sea with a splash. He had got lucky. They had not known the area.

Having done away with their tracker, Shadow calmly walked on the clothesline, jumping off when he reached the end, and retracing his trail back to where Indenki would be waiting.


Love and Sacrifice: Born to kill

"Run into any trouble?" Indenki asked as Shadow entered the clearing in the forest.

"No," Shadow replied, leaning against a tree.

"You two are very hard to track."

They both spun around, greeted with the site of Lt. Vaela Demis casually strolling in. Instinctively, they both dropped down to fighting stances, and Indenki's hand moved to where his gun was.

"I'm not here to capture you, or kill you for that matter." Raising her hands above her head, she smiled gently. "I'm here on order from Lt. Reix. He wants to schedule a duel with you." She looked directly at Indenki. "He says you were un-able to finish the last time."

Not even bothering to consult with Shadow, Indenki nodded. "Tell us where to meet him."

She shook her head. "You have to come with us. It's too far for you to be able to travel, even riding a pokemon or a vehicle. You need an airplane or a jet."

Now, Indenki did turn to Shadow, who reluctantly nodded. "Fine, we'll come with you."

----------- 2 hours later -----------

They reached the area of hidden base with no trouble along the way, having avoided any of the flying patrols that were searching the area for Reix, who had been labeled a traitor to Team Rocket. Not that he cared, for he did not approve of the groups non-existent battle morals.

"Lt. Demis, there's a patrol up ahead! I think they've spotted us." One of the soldiers came in and informed her, a panicked expression on his face.

"That's fine. I can handle them," she replied, pulling out her pokeball. "Go Slash!"

A fierce looking scyther appeared, one big enough for a grown person to ride on without causing the pokemon any trouble. He sliced the air with one scythe, then looked at Vaela, ready for orders.

Shadow walked up to it, cutting her off as she was about to mount it. "I can handle it."

She shook her head. "How're you going to get down? You don't have any flying pokemon, do you?"

Suggestively, he looked at her syther.

She let out a bark of laughter. "Slash doesn't let anyone except me come within a foot of me, let alone mount him!"

Ignoring her warning, he walked up to the scyther and placed a hand on its shoulder. First, it whipped around to glare at him, and raised a blade to attack, but instead, lowered them, and positioned itself to let him mount, which he did.

Shocked, Vaela watched as the two leapt out of the airplane and descended, then she turned to Indenki. "Why...?"

"He's the dark hybrid. Other pokemon hold dark types in high regard, even if they have a type advantage over them," the hybrid replied, sitting back down in his seat. "He'll be fine."

"I'm going after him." Looking around, she surveyed the group of soldiers with her. "You, you, you and you are coming with me," she ordered.


Shadow guided the scyther to about two feet off the ground, the released his two dark pokemon. "Attack anything close enough for you to hit, but stay hidden," he commanded them before going a little higher into the air. He could see some of the patrol troop coming up, half of them on flying pokemon, the other half on land pokemon.

Narrowly, he dodged a cross-bow arrow, and realizing that if he kept still he would get hit, he flew higher, then swooped down, shooting the rider of a fearow. Flying up high again, right where the sun was shining brightly so that they could not see him, he prepared to swoop down and attack again.

He ran out of bullets soon, and had to resort to using the scyther's scythes, and some of his own dark attacks to take out the soldiers. Down on the ground, his own pokemon were doing a good job of attacking close enough soldiers, either spooking the pokemon so that they dropped their riders, or sending an attack straight at the person.

After ten gruesome minutes, Shadow was nearly done, and only the commanding officer of the patrol was left. Determined, Shadow rushed at him, ignoring Vaela's protests for him to stop.

/Those who have seen a hybrid shall not live to tell about it. Orders I cannot ignore at this time./ With that in mind, he directed the scyther straight at the man on his fearow, and slashed his throat, the bird pokemon fleeing in fright.

He descended, then shakily got off the scyther, surveying the damage he had done. /Again... I've done it again./ He thought, his eyes wide with shock as he sank down to his knees, shaking slightly. /Why can't I stop?/

He blanked out.


Love and Sacifice: The first step to hybrid dating

"Zia, dragon rage!" Merideth yelled out, admiring her new pokemon's efficiency. Originally, she had been disappointed about replacing her old pokemon, but she realized that it really was more practical to update her team as the enemy got stronger. Her old dragonite just was not up to the challenge of having to go against pokedolls on his own, and as much as she loved him, he would be taking a backseat to Zia.

"She's very skilled," Swift remarked from his position on the floor, kneeling by his fearow while grooming its feathers. "She'll be useful, plus she flies well."

"Yeah, she will..." Merideth replied, recalling the pokemon and taking a seat a little near Swift. /Is flying all he thinks about? Maybe I should've listened to Blade... / A little louder than she meant to, she sighed, her eyes visibly darkening.

Swift immediately turned to look at her, catching the sad look in her eyes. He walked up to her and stooped in front of her, holding her chin in his hand. "Feeling alright Mer?"

She blushed, surprised that he was showing concern. "Yeah... I'm okay, just a little stressed. Everything was heated up for a couple of months, and now all of a sudden we can't attack because Zentai might target some poor area and then blame it on us!"

Well," he leaned a little closer, "I thought something else might be bothering you, but I guess I was wrong." Tilting his head a little to the right, he allowed his eyes to twinkle curiously. "You positive you're okay? That was a depressed sigh, I'm sure. God knows I've had thousands of those in my life."

She opened her mouth as if to answer but clamped it shut. /We never did talk about your past, did we? Come to think of it, did we ever talk beyond the war, flying, and music?/ Again, she blushed as she realized that he still held her chin in his hand, and that his face was mere inches away from hers. "I'm positive-"

Deciding to take the initiative, Swift cut her off by closing the distance between them and kissing her lightly on the lips. A little taken aback at his boldness, he drew back immediately after, looking at her with a surprised light in his eyes, yet a somewhat satisfied smirk on his face. "I apologize for that Mer, and for the way I've been treating you. Maybe we can..." He lowered his gaze to the floor, rustling his wings nervously. "Maybe we can go for a leisurely flight sometime? And we can talk about some other things? Beyond the usual I mean?"

She grinned, still a little dazed. "That'd be great, Swift!"

"Kay, then, uhh... Tomorrow night?" He started to back out of the training room, nearly tripping over one of his own primary feathers.


"Okay..." He gave her a thumbs up sign, then quickly retreated.

For a moment, Merideth sat, blinking. Then an even wider grin spread over her face, and she collapsed into a giggling fit. "Eurelians!" She exclaimed. "No, wait... Boys!" Then she stopped, raising a hand to her lips. "He kissed me!" Jumping up from her seat, she extended her wings and twirled around. "My first kiss! Probably his too..." Merideth gracefully danced around, for a moment forgetting about the war and the horror that she had seen and caused.

Taken away from the battle field long enough, she almost seemed like a normal teenager.


Love and Sacrifice: Re-Match

Indenki gently stroked the neck of the large zapdos, and he ran the other hand over the pokemon, checking for any un-healed injuries. After a full examination, he turned to Reix. "Why'd you save him?"

"I wanted us to finish our battle. It's only right, don't you think?" The older teenager replied, patting his own zapdos briefly.

"You didn't completely heal your own zapdos though," Indenki pointed out, a slight scowl on his face.

Reix shrugged. "It's a continuation, right? Therefore handicaps from the previous fight should be left."

For a moment, the lightning hybrid looked at the two pokemon, then at Reix, and finally Shadow. "I can't accept this."

Having obviously not expected that reaction, Reix frowned lightly. "But you have to if you want to continue the battle."

Shadow nodded. "He's right."

"I accept then, but don't think that makes us allies or anything."

"Of course," Reix replied, shrugging again. "This is a fight to the death anyway. See you at night." Pivoting on his heel, he left, satisfied that he had finally gotten the younger trainer to agree to battle with him.

*Reix, you sure you want to go through with this?* Lt. Demis asked over the com-set.

*Yes, just make sure we aren't disturbed,* Reix replied, fastening the buckles to the harness that secured him onto his pokemon. "Ready?" He asked it.

"Zapdos," it said, stretching its neck and snapping it's beak.

"Good." He raised his arm, the signal to Indenki for them to both rise into the air, and as soon as they were at a suitable height, they commenced fighting.

The area was mostly flat grassland, but there were wood areas, perfect places to hide. Swooping down low, narrowly avoiding being hit by a thunderbolt attack, Indenki directed his zapdos into a clump of trees. Following close behind him, Reix dived in, and they wove through the wood, flying with skill that many trainers would kill for.

"Thunder!" Indenki commanded, and as they rose out from the shelter of the trees, the attack crashed down on the Zentai officer, shocking his pokemon momentarily and sending several trees down on them. "Higher, then down," he urged his zapdos, and it flew higher into the clouds. When they reached their desired height, they swooped down with incredible speed, crashing into the opposing team and nearly knocking them out of the sky, but instead entangling in a wild beak and claw fight.

Knowing that continuing in that way would make his chance of winning and losing too much of a gamble, Reix ordered his pokemon to break away, which it did, after snapping at the other pokemon's wing first. It had hoped to handicap the other's ability to fly, for its own wing had not been allowed to fully heal, and it was not at it's full flying abilities. "Hold on," Reix encouraged it, rubbing its shoulder as it let lose a spontaneous thunderbolt that surprisingly reached its target, the tail of the other zapdos.

"K'so," Indenki swore in his native language as he realized his pokemon had been hit on the tail. That would slightly limit his pokemon's flying capabilities, but if Reix wanted to play dirty, then he would too. "Quick attack, then use a thunder with me!" He instructed it, and they flew at the other full speed, hitting them with a combined thunder attack as they swerved away and dived down into the cover of some trees.


From her position at the base tower, Demis watched with total fascination at the skill of the two trainers, or rather, soldiers. There was a four-year age difference between them, yet they were at the same level. The hybrid did, of course, partially owe it to his genetic breeding, but then, so did Reix_ While many were not aware of it, the hybrids were not the only things that had to do with the splicing of human and pokemon genes. The initial experiments that lead the to hybrids started out with adults having pokemon genes added to them to enhance certain senses, and later on, other things. Followed by that were the same experiments performed on unborn humans, and pokemon. Finally, the hybrids were attempted. The information about the initial experiments was a well kept secret, so well kept, that there were many that had been altered, yet did not know it, or who had parents who had been altered, and therefore it had passed down to them.

A great percent of the Zentai trainers and soldiers were like that, ever so slightly genetically altered one way or the other. So were a lot of civilians, although most had been drafted into one army or the other, even if they were not told about the experiments. One well-known family, even if all of them did not exactly know about it themselves, was the Tavis line, of the infamous Ferina and Nerina Tavis. The identical twins had performed numerous experiments on themselves, and therefore passed them down through the family, including the glowing green eyes that were so unusual for an Arasian to have, yet were ignored by most, and dismissed as a family quirk.

Reix was one of those individuals who came from a family of altered humans, and Demis herself had too. That was why they were two of Zentai's top soldiers, the top of their class, and legends among the lower ranks.

A blinking light on the radar attracted her attention, and Demis groaned slightly as she realized that it was yet another patrol troop, and this time, more than triple the size of the last one. *Reix! There's a patrol coming in, and it's too big for us to handle. You're going to have to cut the battle short; we don't have much time before they find us. Get back here now! And don't go off on your own.*

"Damnit!" Reix cursed as soon as Demis ended her transmission. "Indenki, I hate to do this, but we've got company." Completely ignoring what Demis had said, he set off to find the patrol.

Indenki watched him leave, then allowed his zapdos to land. Shadow, who had been observing nearby, ran over.

"What happened?"

"There's a troop coming. They're looking for Reix, but if they find us too, they're going to go after us. We need to go."

Shadow mounted the zapdos, sitting behind Indenki. "We should be able to find shelter a few miles from here."

"Good," Indenki replied, gently kicking the pokemon's side and instructing it to take off.