This is just a little short sappy fic that I wrote for my online little brother, Jude. Jude, I luv ya! ^_^ It's shounen-ai/original slash, which means there are two guys that love each other very much in this. There isn't really anything in it to make it more than a PG, but I guess I could call it PG-13 just in case for the m/m aspect...


I love you, Je t'aime, Te amo, etc

Search mode. No, that's the mother. No, that's a neighbor. No, that's Elise. Ah-ha. Target spotted in the front yard. Commence tackle and hug mode. Crouch down a little. Be ready to spring out of the bushes. Set? Go!


The poor boy didn't even have time to say "Wha?" before he was sandwhiched between the grass and the body of a very enthusiastic and overly happy teenage boy with a grin that could light up funerals. His attacker seemed to have that sort of inner peace that only belonged in a coffin.

Winded from being knocked to the ground, Roy breathed raggedly, trying to re-fill his lungs. Coughing, he glared up at the still cheery boy. "Get off me, Tim."

Tim's grin faltered just slightly, but recovered immediately. "That's not what you said last night." He raised his eyebrows suggestively.

"There was no last night. I was doing my homework. Now off!"

Tim sniffed slightly, pretending to be hurt. "I give you my life, my love, and all you say is "Get off me"!" Eyes bright, Tim stood up and held out his hand to help Roy. "I suppose you don't want to go to the amusement park with me then. I'll just take my sister."

Roy grasped Tim's hand and winced slightly as he was yanked up. Dusting himself off, he looked at Tim, and slowly a grin that mirrored his boyfriend's spread across his face. "Would you really want to take Melissa with you? And lithen to her talk like thith all day?" He mocked the little girl's lisp, knowing very well how much it annoyed Tim.

"I'd rather be with my short, grumpy little Napoleon of a boyfriend." Tim rested an elbow on Roy's shoulder and leaned on him.

"I'm not short," Roy insisted, rearing himself up so he could almost, sort of look Tim right in the eye.

"You're just tiny." Tim hugged the smaller teen, then ruffled his short blonde hair.

"Hey, hey! Don't touch the spikes!" Roy ducked from out of Tim's reach and then continued to dust off his clothes.

"Did that evil cat of yours finally die?" Tim asked, looking down at his own bright yellow t-shirt and blue-jeans, then at his boyfriend's all black ensemble. "If so, why aren't you celebrating?"

"No, the little bastard's still alive. And my shirt's navy blue." He carefully touched his spikes, trying to judge how much Tim had messed them up.

"Yeah, well, let's get there before there are too many lines." Tim quickly ran a hand through his loose, almost ear length dirty blonde hair, staring at his car for a moment. Then he looked around. Where had Roy gone? He blinked. The smaller blonde had been right in front of him just a secon-

"Piggy back ride!" Roy leapt onto Tim's back, wrapping his arms around the taller boy's neck and giving him the option of supporting him or falling over. "Yay for jock boyfriends." Roy grinned. "Payback's a bitch, huh?" He lightly squeezed Tim's neck, cutting off his air supply momentarily.

"No, you are," Tim replied, smirking. "Now would you mind getting off my back?"

"No, carry me to the car." Roy leaned his head against Tim's. "Pleeease?"

"Fine, fine. Tackle a guy and next thing you know they want a ride on your back. What's next?" Tim walked up to his car, and then set Roy down carefully. "If I didn't love you, I'd have dropped you."

Roy smiled innocently, blinking his brown eyes.

Tim shook his head, amused at how quickly Roy's moods tended to changed. On impulse, he leaned over a little and kissed him on the forehead. "Now, get in the car."

"Yes Timothy," Roy opened the door of the red car and then sat in, buckling his seatbelt.


"I wanna go on a roller coaster!" Tim folded his arms, looking down at Roy.

"Well I don't." Roy folded his arms and looked up at Tim.

"What are we doing at an amusement park if we're not gonna go on a roller coaster!"

"I don't like roller coasters."

"They're fun! How could you not like them?"

Roy glared at Tim, then turned his back to his boyfriend and glared at the ground.

"You're scared of heights, aren't you?"

The smaller teenager was silent for a little while, and he shifted uncomfortably. "No," he said defensively.

Tim snickered quietly. "Well, it's quite understandable. You obviously aren't used to them."

"That's not funny," Roy mumbled, glancing at Tim over his shoulder.

"Look, we won't go on a roller coaster then, if that's what you want. But we need to move, there's this old couple that's been like, staring at us."

Roy looked up, and saw indeed a man and woman that were looking at the two of them strangely. Shooting them a dark look, Ray latched onto one of Tim's arms and walked off with him. "Some people..." He muttered.

"Hey, none of that now. It's Valentine's day, okay?" Tim smiled. Again, that inner peace that no living person should own.

Roy sighed and then leaned his head against Tim's shoulder. "Bony, but good enough," he said.

"I am *not* bony."

"I'm not short."

Tim laughed. "You're a good kid Roy."

"Mmhmm. And we're just walking around aimlessly while people stare at us." Roy stuck his tongue out at a lady, probably in her twenties, that was blatantly staring at Tim in particular. /Mine./

"That's really childish you know."

"Wha? Thith?" Roy stuck his tongue out again, leaving it out. "I haben to like my thongue."

"I do too but put it away."

"Thpoil thport." Roy replaced his tongue into his mouth.

"Oooh! It's one of those loveboat thingamjigers." Tim pointed at a short enough line to a heart shaped tunnel.

"It's pink." Roy said blandly.

"Thank you Captain Obvious." Tim grinned. "Come on, please? It doesn't go high at all. And it's dark at some points." He waggled his eyebrows suggestively.

"Yeah, my idea of Valentine's Day is getting arrested for having sex in a Love Boat." Roy rolled his eyes.

"You're no fun."

"That's not what you said last Friday."

"Hehehe, true."

"Oh fine. It'd be nice to be off my feet for a bit." Roy let go of his grip on Tim's arm and grabbed his hand instead, pulling him to the line. In a mere fifteen minutes, they were aboard one of the pink swans that would carry them through the semi-lit tunnel. Roy squirmed around uncomfortably for a while, not liking the hard seats, until Tim, slightly irritated by his moving around, wrapped an arm tightly around his waist and ordered him to stay still.

For a moment Roy glared into the darkness. Then he remembered that it was Valentine's day and he snuggled against the slightly taller, but actually a little younger, seventeen year old. He wrapped both his arms around Tim's waist, then closed his eyes and listened to his heart beating.

"Roy?" Tim looked down at the brown eyed blonde that was attached to him. "I love you."

"I love you too, Timmy."

"Can I call you my little Napoleon?"

"No. I'll bit you."

"No need to get all grumpy."

"I'm not grumpy!"

"You're cute when you're grumpy." Tim grinned, his green eyes sparkling mischievously in the dark.


"Did I tell you I love you?"


"Can I do it again?"

"Go ahead."

"I love you."

"I love you too."

"Je t'aime."


"Wo ai ni."

"I know."

"Te amo."



Roy muttered under his breath and removed his arms from around Tim's waist. Sitting up fully, he looked at Tim, who was staring at him, grinning away as usual. Leaning in, he kissed him softly. Then pulled away. "Shut up."

"I will if you kiss me again," Tim smiled hopefully.

"Why not?" And he did.