Damn you Mitch, damn you. How could you do this to us Mitch? How? We all missed Iria you selfish jerk. We all knew she wasn't coming back, we all knew that this was the end. We also all knew that you were in love with her, and that she loved you. But we loved you too! You were my older brother you little fucker... You couldn't stay alive for your sister?

Maybe I'm going a bit overboard, but gods, if only you knew what this feels like. Yesterday we found out that Iria died... That was like losing my own sister, and I locked myself in my room crying my eyes out. But then I remembered you Mitch, and I went to your room to cry with you.

And now you do this! Did you even think about us? Did you remember that you had family and friends? We didn't need this Mitch! As you held the gun to your head, did you stop to think that it might be your four year old niece who would find you, with your brains splattered against the bathroom tiles? Keith's not very happy about having his daughter exposed to such a horror, but he's even less happy about his brother being such a coward.

I knew you were weak Mitch, but not this weak. And cold. Do you know what we're all going through? We just lost two people dear to us, and one of them took his own life. How could you do this Mitch? Do you know the pain I'm going through...? Did you want us to suffer like this? This hurts Mitch, it hurts a lot. I thought you cared about us, but I guess I was wrong. It was always about Iria and you, wasn't it? Family? Friends? They didn't matter, all you wanted was Iria, you could care less about us, and this is the ultimate proof.

People like you don't deserve to fall in love Mitch. They don't deserve to be able to kill themselves in the name of 'true love'. No, I'm going too far... Everyone deserves to fall in love, but people like you should be locked up if the one you love dies and kept under surveillance 24/7.

You were such a selfish prick Mitch, but I loved you anyway. I mean, we were family. Heck, I still love you even though you're dead. Gods, I'm crying again... This is just too much, too much... I'm never gonna see either of you again, never. You're gone, gone forever. Mitch, I would've understood your choice a little more if you didn't have any friends or family who cared, but you do! But you were too used to the greatness of Iria's love, weren't you? So blinded by the great warmth of her sun of love, that you forgot about the stars, us... Just because we're not as bright doesn't mean we don't matter you bastard.

I hope you're burning in Hell Mitch. No, I really don't, but I'm angry at you Mitch, I'm really angry. I don't understand how you could do this bro, I mean, we weren't good enough for you or something? We weren't good enough for you to hang onto life a little longer?

Maybe if I was married and I had a husband I'd understand why you did this, but I'm not married, I don't even have a boyfriend. And now I'm missing a sister-in-law and a brother. That's all I know...

How could you do this Mitch?