Under the Cherry Tree.

Warning: More than slight girl/girl hints. 

"ELISE!" Tara yelled at the top of her lungs, effectively causing everyone who was currently in the cafeteria to turn around and stare at her. But that didn't faze Tara, and she continued to look around for her lost pal.

"Over here!" A somewhat smallish girl, who was currently blushing, finally yelled back after the noise in the dining hall had resumed.

Tara grinned and walked over to the table with her tray. "I told you to wait for me or I'd yell for you or something." She smugly said as she sat down.

Elise blushed and took a sip of her water. "I didn't think you'd actually do that..."

"Never underestimate me." Tara retorted as she dug into her food.

"Don't eat too much or you won't have room for the picnic after school." Elise chided halfheartedly, knowing the other girl would not listen to her anyway. "My brother baked an apple pie yesterday." She added a few seconds after.

Tara immediately looked up, her green eyes wide, and she grinned again. "Your brother's apple pie? Great!" Then she resumed eating. "I'll have room, don't worry." She added in-between bites of a brownie.

"Hn." Was Elise's reply and she ran a hand through her short black hair. It reached just below her ears and she had a cute little blue headband with daisies on. Her brown eyes were soft, but shined with a gentle, kindly light. "Tara, why's your hair green? Wasn't it bluish yesterday...?" Elise asked, finally noticing the color change of her friend's hair that was neatly tied back in a ponytail.

"Huh?" Tara blinked, taking a while to realize what Elise was talking about. "Oh! I tried to bleach my hair yesterday but just succeeded in turning the blue into green. I like it though. Why, don't you?"

"No, I do. I was just curious."

"Good, because I wouldn't be changing it anyway if you didn't like it." Tara cheekily remarked, effectively dodging a playful punch from Elise.

"You suck." Elise muttered, toying around idly with the food still left on her plate.

"Your dog sucks." Tara threw back, once again utilizing her favorite retort to any insult, substituting 'You' with 'Your dog'.

"We have class in five minutes Tara."

"We do? Oh." Tara got up and picked up her tray. "Let's go then."


"Hello pretty puppy, c'mere pretty puppy. Goood dog..." Tara coaxed Elise's little spaniel over, petting it gently before slowly starting to taunt it, carefully rising the puppy's energy level till it was bouncing around and 'attacking' Tara's jacket sleeves and play growling.

"Tara! Leave the dog alone!"

Tara stopped, lying on the floor with the puppy in a headlock as it shook Tara's sleeve. "Wha? We're just playing, aren't we Rosco?" And Tara commenced to continue roughly shoving the puppy around.

"Tara, get up and go wash your hands so we can go." Elisa mock glared at the slightly taller girl before heading into the kitchen to get the picnic basket.

Getting off the floor, Tara followed Elise into the kitchen and washed her hands, then picked up the blanket they were taking. "Anything else?"

Elise handed her the picnic basket and took the blanket. "You're stronger." She explained with a smirk before heading straight for the door.

"Hey! I resent that!" Tara yelled after the quickly retreating girl, catching up with her as she exited the house. "Just because I'm stronger doesn't mean I have to do all the work."

Elise blinked, an innocent smile on her face. "If you still think it's not fair after the picnic, I'll make it up to you, okay?"

Tara blinked too, then shrugged. "Okay." Though she looked suspiciously at the other girl, wondering what she was up to.


Watching Tara eat, Elise rolled her eyes, amazed at how Tara could eat so much yet still retain an average figure. She took the final bite of her slice of pie then started to clear the plates and leftover food off the navy blue blanket they sat on.

"Aww, no more food?" Tara asked, wiping her fingers off on a napkin before helping Elise out.

"You eat too much." Elise accused, sticking her tongue out at Tara. "Ooh, look!" She pointed behind Tara at the slowly retreating sun. They sat on top of a hill under a blossoming cherry tree, and Elise found the sunset from that little hill a very beautiful sight.

"Pretty." Tara remarked, finishing helping Elise to clear up and settling down on the blanket, lying down and looking at the sunset.

"Want to move the blanket onto the slope so we can lie down and watch the sunset?" Elise suggested.


So they did, and Elise lay down, a content smile on her face as she sighed peacefully. "Tara?" She looked around a few seconds later, wondering where her friend had disappeared to.

"Right here." Tara settled down right next to Elise, slipped an arm behind the other girls head and around her shoulders. "I was looking for one of these." In her hand was a cherry blossom, and Elise had a look of pleased surprise on her face as she took it from her. "I knew you liked flowers..." She managed to shrug, despite on arm being around the other girl's shoulder.

"Aww, thank you Tara." Elise sniffed the flower, then placed it in her hair. "Nice?" She asked Tara.

"Very nice." Tara replied, scooting a little closer to Elise. "You had this planned, didn't you?" She asked after a moment of silence.

Giggling, Elise grinned, resting her head near Tara's. "Of course I did."

Tara grinned too. "Well you planned it really well. Very pretty sunset..."

"Mm, true." Elise replied absently, other things on her mind. "Very pretty..."

They were quiet again, and were content with just being together under the cherry tree, lying on the slant of the hill and watching the sunset. It was the perfect picture, the two of them nestled together.



"I really like you." Elise propped herself up and kissed Tara hesitantly, surprising herself and the other girl effectively. Immediately after the kiss, she lay back down, a satisfied smile on her face. "That was my first kiss."

"Really?" Tara asked.


"Hm." Tara stared thoughtfully at the sky. "I really like you too." She finally said.

"Good." Again, Elise kissed Tara. "That was my second kiss." She announced.

"I can count." Tara retorted.

"I know you can, but I felt like letting you know."

Grinning, Tara sat up and looked at Elise, her green eyes sparkling happily. "Well, let's see about a third then." And she kissed Elise softly, making it last a few seconds before resuming her position of lying by her side. "You know what Elise?"


"You're such a dork sometimes." Tara grinned after the comment, and got up, immediately chased by Elise.

"You spoiled the mood you idiot!" She cried out, tackling Tara under the tree and knocking her to the ground.

"It was worth the look on your face." Tara smirked.

"Ohh, you incorrigible clown!" Elise exclaimed, about to get off of her, but she was pulled back down. "What?"

Tara kissed her once more. "There's your fourth."

Elise gaped at her friend in surprise, then smiled. At a loss of words, she simply rolled off of Tara onto the grass, snuggling close to her.

Content not to say anything, Tara wrapped her arms around Elise, and kissed her forehead gently, basking in the perfectness of that moment.