I'm Afraid of the Dark...

I'm scared of the dark.

It terrifies me.

I hear things, I feel things, I know there's something watching me, but what?

When its dark, you get confused, disorientated. Your brain relies eighty percent of the time on your sight. You can't see in the dark. You have to let that other twenty percent work... Its not that bad for us pokémon, but the dark still scares us...

The dark is also when the eevees come out, my main reason for fearing the dark...

You're laughing? Laughing at my greatest fear? I'm not talking about the cute cuddly sickeningly cute eevees that you see in the daytime. I'm talking about the night eevees, the ones that like night, the ones that enjoy seeing people fear them, the ones that like death...

Gastlys and their evolutions just like to have fun. They never hurt anyone. Dark eevees feed on pain. They love it! And when they evolve... You should hope you are far, far away from them! Burakkis are one of the evilest things I have ever heard of, and the evilest things I have ever seen.

I am a Venusaur, and therefore, night is just not my preferred time of day, and I do my best to be asleep before the dark eevees and Burakki's come out. They can't harm you in your sleep, unless they get to you before you fall asleep.

The sheer agony of it when they get into your mind at night! They enter your mind and find the thing that scares you the most, then use it against you, causing a nightmare that you won't wake up to just as its getting too scary. They make you wish you were never born. How do I know? They did it to me once.

I was a bulbasaur then. First night with my new trainer. I'd always been scarred of the dark, but my trainer didn't know. He let me sleep out of my pokéball by myself... I couldn't sleep though, so I lay awake, and as I was finally drifting off to sleep, they entered my mind and used my fear of the dark against me. I woke up screaming. My trainer tried to calm me down, but I just lay there, with my eyes wide open, my mouth locked in a silent scream. I stayed like that for a whole week at the Pokémon Center.

Maybe its because they know my fear that they constantly call me to come watch them do the same to others, in the dark... Maybe they know I have a soft heart, and therefore would rather be in pain, than watch others.

But I've seen things, things you couldn't even dream of, things no hot shot special effects could portray on TV. Things you have to experience to know the fear of.

For some reason, the Burakkis never kill me. Sometimes they just let me watch silently, other times, they prefer to mentally torture me. My trainer doesn't use me anymore. He thinks I'm mentally ill, I'm not mentally ill, but I've been tortured mentally. If only he would understand...

The Burakkis don't come out in the dark everywhere, they prefer certain areas where the screams can't be heard. Forests in the middle of nowhere for instance. They rarely target groups, but I remember once, when I had snuck out of my pokéball at night, don't ask me why, I just felt something drawing me there, it was probably *them*. I saw a group of three kids by a campfire, joking around, telling spooky stories, just having fun. I watched them, awed by their youthful innocence. Then the campfire went out, though there was no wind. It just... went out suddenly... I froze in my spot and crouched down, my body shivering from fear.

The kids froze too, and one of them tried lighting a match, but when it finally lit, he saw a Burakki right in front of him, with its glossy black fur with the usual yellowish ring pattern, and its blood red eyes. He screamed his first, but definitely not last scream, dropping the match, which went out as it fell. I will not go into detail what happened to those kids, except I am proud of their parents' decisions to have them cremated. Like when the Burakkis had gotten into my mind, their faces too were distorted into this eternal, silent scream. Their eyes were wide open, obvious fright visible. Almost as if though dead, they could still feel the terror, the pain... It was a sort of calling card for the Burakkis, that was how they marked all their victims.

I never went into the forests at night from then on, but they kept drawing my to places, to watch in fear, to be hurt...

There is this other particular incident that I shall always remember, and this one happen only a week or so ago. A little girl, only about, oh, six, seven years old. She had big baby blue eyes, and curly brown hair tied into two ponytails with dark red ribbons. She was the cutest kid you had ever seen, and it was easy to tell she was going to grow up into a very pretty young lady.

*Was* going to.

She loved the mountains, and frequently snuck out to go visit them, at night too, and alone... I always tried to turn her back, but as soon as I fell asleep, she was off again. One night, I awoke to find her gone, and, feeling that same... how to put it...its like a calling to come watch. It came again, and I knew the evil eevees were at it again. I ran as fast as I could, but I was too late.

Her name was Aria, and she was my trainer's daughter. How he cried over her! You could tell that it hurt him to see his daughter killed like those so many other incidents he had heard of over the years. Aria. Dear, dear Aria. I shall miss her sweet voice, her laughter, her music like laughter, and her bright smile that could light up any room.

But she wasn't smiling when they found her. She was like the others. Curled up into the fetal position, mouth locked in the usual silent scream, her blue eyes, no longer sparkling, wide open.

Maybe now my trainer will listen to me, and believe I am not insane, that the danger is real. But until then, it will go on. Usually they don't kill. The killings are very rare, but those who survive are left emotionally scarred, like me, and quite often, they go insane. There's nothing to be done. You can't eliminate the dark eevees. A dark eevee can be born from a light eevee. You'd have to kill all the eevees. But that wouldn't cure my fear of the dark, nothing can. And that wouldn't bring back Aria, or the three kids, or my old ignorant, but blissful image of the world...

So its going to go on. Thankfully, it's not a worldwide occurrence. There's something about the dark eevees here. In other places, maybe they aren't so evil because it does not get so dark there. So dark that if you hold your fingers (or in my case, my vines) in front of your face at night, you can just barely make out their outline...

You think I'm crazy don't you? Well, maybe I am... Who wouldn't be if they were in my position? For all I know, its all in my mind. But Aria's dead, and I know I did not think that up, and I know we all saw the Burakki's calling card on her face.

But its night now.

It's dark again.

And I feel them calling me...